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The Charity of John Marshall, late of Southwark ..

Marshall's Charity
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The Charity of John Marshall, late of Southwark in the County of Surrey, Gentleman, deceased’ is the original name of the Will Trust that is today known as Marshall's Charity. John Marshall was a whitebaker who lived in Axe Yard, Southwark (now Newcomen Street). Married but with no children, he died in 1631.

The land and property which he left to his Trustees has grown in value over the centuries, and the Charity is now able to distribute substantial grants each year.

The majority of the funds of the Charity are used to make grants to support parsonages of the Church of England and the Church in Wales. All of these grants are made by applications from the relevant Diocesan Parsonage Board. Please note, we cannot accept applications from individual clergy or other denominations.

The Charity currently makes three different types of grant available to the Dioceses for the Support of Parsonages. We only support Parsonages of Rectors, Team Rectors, Vicars, Team vicars and Priests-in-Charge resident or becoming resident in the Parsonage House owned by the Diocese and subject to the Repair of Benefice Measure 1972 (but including the Diocese of Sodor and Man which is not covered by this Act). For the time being, the Trustees do not make grants where the parsonage is occupied on a “house for duty” basis.

A) Grants for the purchase or improvement of a parsonage These grants are allocated as a block amount at the commencement of each financial year, and each Diocesan Property Board indicates how they intend to allocate the grants to individual parsonages. In 2007, the Charity made £646,000 available which was used to purchase or improve 142 parsonages.

B) Grants for the installation of burglar alarms in a parsonage In 1991, as a result of the rising levels of violence which were experienced by parish clergy, the Trustees offered to support the purchase and installation of burglar alarms in parsonages. Each grant is for a maximum of £250. To the end of 2007, some £340,000 has been granted to support installations in 1,509 parsonages.

C) Grants for the installation of CCTV systems at a parsonage In 2001, the Trustees agreed to extend the above scheme to support the installation of CCTV systems in parsonages which were particularly at risk. Each grant is for up to £1,000 with a maximum of 50% of the cost of installation. Since 2001, some £117,000 has been granted to support installations in 122 parsonages.

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